During the salon event at the Mobile 2019, LOBAFER exhibited works at the Rossana Orlandi gallery in collaboration with the designer Emanuela Crotti. The works, that make up part of the new collection “una vicenda naturale”, were exhibited at the gallery in Milan from the 9th – 25th of April on Matteo Bandello 14/16 and C.so Porta Vercellina 15.

Emanuela Crotti’s works have always been related to memories. They are represented by small objects, images, relics from her journeys around the world, and fragments of her life, all combined together to create splendid object of art. Her particular technique uses several layers of epoxy resin as a case for her precious memories, allowing the pieces to take on a three-dimensional appearance. The objects seem to emerge from the resin, creating the illusion of a floating collage. Collaborating with her and being exhibited in the gallery was a great honour and wonderful opportunity for LOBAFER.